Welcome to my life, join my adventure!

Hi friends! 


On this first entry I would like to give you a very warm welcome to my life. 

I will be as open as I can with you and I will share many secrets no one but you guys will know, but I would like to keep my name private,with time you will understand why I chose to keep it this way. But to not make things weird you can call me “Adri” that’s a short name for Adriana (which is not my real name). 

As you can tell from my username I come from a third-world country, a very beautiful and not well known country: Honduras. I invite you to learn more about this well hidden beauty. 

I was raised in a very dysfunctional but fun and loving family, I have an older brother who is just two years older than me, a sister who is 13 yrs old and my little brother who will be 12 soon, and then there’s me I am 21 yr old girl 😬. We live with only my mom, who has been divorced 3 times, it might seem like a lot but you can’t judge if you don’t know her story. 

My dad and my mom are still friends, best friends. I am a psychology student who will soon graduate, I work as a teacher for Kindergaten students. I live in the beautiful city of San Pedro Sula or you may just call it “San Pedro” or write it SPS.


I will describe myself with one word only “WEIRD”. But hey, who said being weird is wrong? You will get to know my weird personality and hopefully you will think it’s not as bad as it sounds. You may think, what does a 21 year old girl from a third world country has to tell that might be interesting!? BELIEVE me I might have not won an Academy Award, or dated a celebrity, but I have gone through so many adventures, and it seems that weirdness keeps surrounding my life more and more. I have always had a passion for writing, ever since I learned how to write. You would constantly find me writing little notes to my mom, and I would sound so romantic and intense for such a short age. And my mom is quite the reason I decides to start blogging, I always had the desire to do so but not long ago she was telling me “I always thought you had a great future writing books, why don’t you start of with a blog?” So here you have me, I am trying to prove myself that I can do it.

In my blog you will find diverse things to read about, I like to write about my life experience, I have so many fun stories as well as I have many sad stories to tell. I also like to write about fitness, fashion, kids and SOCCER.  This world is full of many wonderful and different things, we all have a story to tell. But you will hear my version of life from a different perspective- the way only a third world country girl can tell it. 


I would love to manage my blog as I manage life, respecting everybody’s opinion, giving you the right to express yourself and learn from you BUT avoiding unnecessary negativity. So please, don’t hurt other people’s feeling. Life is already hard enough, don’t make it harder for other people. Lets help each other grow ❤.

My main language is Spanish, that’s what Honduran people speak, and I am proud to be a Latina, and love to speak Spanish. But I decided to start my blog in English. Why? Because I want English speakers to understand and know about the Latin Culture, specifically Honduran. 


So welcome to my world, the third world country! 


Hasta la vista, 


Adri ❤Image


9 thoughts on “Welcome to my life, join my adventure!

  1. Good blog. Talk about how you growed up with your family. I growed up in Tegucigalpa with my mom and three younger brothers. Life was not easy cause my father abandoned us when I was ten but when I look back I see lessons in life that keep me going and improving.

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