Honduran Paradise- My happy place.

Although the arms of my wonderful boyfriend could be my perfect, happy place; I must admit that there is one place in Honduras that it’s definitely my happy place, and that would be: Roatan.
I don’t think you’ve been at a real paradise if you haven’t yet visit Roatan. It is located between Guanaja and Útila, and it’s the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands, and it has the most beautiful waters on earth, crystal clear waters.


I will not give you a lecture about Roatan and give you facts and history of this magical place, but I want to talk about Roatan as my happy place.
I must have been 8 years old the first time I went to this paradise, and even though the trip was not pleasant since we had to take the smallest plane there was (and God, that plane made the scariest noise ever). It was all worth it, my eyes had not seen such a beautiful place, only on T.V. I admit that it was love at first sight, the minute I step on land I just couldn’t help it, I fell in love. The feelings that place gave me were just out of this world. It gave me so much peace and happiness, and security as well. I remember just getting in the water and that moment was just priceless, water is so clear you can see your own feet, and waters are so calm that all you do is relax. During the day we would do many activities including one of my favorites- swimming with the dolphins! How blessed is someone who can experience that!? They also have a show with the dolphins, were they do tricks and you can see them so close as well. And how great is it for a kid to be near a dolphin? They are just adorable! So that’s an amazing experience that puts a smile on my face when I can relive that on my mind and heart. At night we would go with my mom and laid on a chair or the sand, and we would count the stars and just listen to the many sounds that nature offers. And even as a kid I used to appreciate those quiet moments, just focusing on what was around me.
I have been at Roatan so many times, and not one time have I felt bored or sad there.

The last time I was at my Honduran paradise it was exactly one year ago, and that moment was priceless. I decided to use the “ferry” service for the first time and I was so worried about it, because honestly I was never into boats, cruises or any water transportation- I must be thraumatized by “Titanic” haha, just kidding. But I am just genuinely afraid of it, so I was concerned that I was going to suffer a panic attack or at least puke on the way to Roatan. Let me tell you that nothing I feared happened, instead it was such a unique experience for me, I felt so free, so happy, like the only girl on the sea. I didn’t sit for a minute, I stood there on the border of the ferry and let the wind blow through my hair, I was open to every single feeling and sensation. I could smell the sea, I could breath it. I could see the most beautiful blue on the water and on the sky, and all I heard were the waves and birds, giving me their perfect melody.
When I got to my destination- West Bay, Roatan- I just went straight back to my childhood, I felt like the first time I had been there, in awe of everything I my eyes were seeing. This time I chose a different hotel, but it was a very successful choice. I decided to give a try to this beautiful and cozy hotel: Mayan Princess. It has the most beautiful rooms, very fun pool (which you would only need at night, because who needs a pool when you have a paradise waiting for you) and the perfect view to the island’s waters. The food was a plus, all you can eat and believe me, you would want to eat all you can. They have the best Piña Coladas and Margaritas, and many other cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.


I am a phone addict, laptop addict and technology addict. But when I got there my phone didn’t exist, the only reason I used it was to write to my boyfriend and take pictures. But all of my time I would spent in the water, getting a tan and this time I tried something new- snorkeling. We paid a tourist guide who was the person in charge of our adventure and we headed to this beautiful place were we practice snorkeling. It is so beautiful to see the many treasures this waters have. Everyday I woke up to see the sunrise, and it is so magical because for that moment nothing else exists, you forget about what worries you, you forget about you need, you forget about what you have to do, in that moment you just breath deep and let nature surround you with LIFE. There’s life in every little thing around you, in the sand that gets in your feet, in the air you breath, in the water that’s two steps away from where you are sitting and in the beautiful sky that slowly switches from night to day. The colors in the sky are just perfect, just like the moment when the sun appears because it’s a brand new day, a new opportunity to live and enjoy what God offers you.

I went to Roatan last year because I had been dealing with Anxiety Disorder, but in my time there I suffered no anxiety. I just had positive feelings and emotions. I felt happy, more than happy I felt a great joy. I felt free, free from stress, worries, problems and negativity. I felt that for once in my life I was truly living, I was aware of every little thing in nature from the tiny bugs, to the fish, the wind, the palm trees, everything. And I enjoyed focusing on those little things, because they never cease to amaze me. In this place your worries will vanish, you’ll only know happiness. It’s a great place to enjoy, to find yourself when you feel lost, to meditate before taking a decision, or to meditate just because.

I invite you to plan your next vacations on Roatan, it’s not just an island it’s paradise- my happy place. I promise you won’t regret.

Hasta la vista,

Adri ❤

This is the type of boat we rented for our snorkeling adventure- it’s not the exact same one but it’s similar. Called “lancha”!

Dolphin show in Roatan.

GOOGLE IMAGES. I chose to not post mine for my own privacy! ❤


Let’s talk about love.

So I was thinking I should write a post talking about the many positive things about my country Honduras. But I actually decided that today I feel like writing about “love”. Now, I am not going to try to teach you what love is or give you a definition of love, but I would actually love to tell you a bit about my love life, and share some intimate secrets with you.

When I was in Highschool I did not date any guy, kissed any guy or had any kind of intimate contact with guys. I would enjoy having guy friends much more than my friendship with the girls. I just thought guys were more authentic (this does not mean girls in my class were not my friends- quite the opposite I had a very good relationship with the girls but I just felt much more comfortable with guys), but things changed a lot when I graduated Highschool.
When I graduated Highschool I was 16 years old, that’s because most schools in Honduras graduate their students in the 11th Grade. So, a month or so after graduating I started going to University where all the fun began. As soon as that happened I started dating guys, and one of my classmates in University was the first guy I dated. He was hilarious, free spirited and just didn’t take anything seriously (including me), but I was not looking for anything serious either so I didn’t mind. He gave me my first kiss, and I would love to narrate a beautiful and romantic first kiss but I won’t lie, it was more like funny and silly but since he was a good kisser it was acceptable for a first kiss; I was quite nervous and he still makes fun of me for it! Then I decided I wanted something more serious, so we stopped dating. In the same time frame I was dating him I met this other guy who happened to study at the same University, he always tried to get my attention and well.. After many flowers and details that showed me he was a gentleman I accepted him as my boyfriend- my first boyfriend. The thing is that even though he was a gentleman he wasn’t quite what I was looking for, I didn’t feel that love you see on movies and most girls dream about BUT I was starting to get curious about this little thing called “sex”. So just to get it out of my head I lost my virginity to him- BAD IDEA. After that one night I started feeling uncomfortable in the relationship, I felt empty and bad about myself, I realized I made a mistake. I gave that one unique and special moment to someone I didn’t love, I went through something so important with someone my heart didn’t beat for. So needless to say, weeks after that night we broke up. After that happened I dated random guys, whom I never kissed or had sex with because I decided I wanted someone who I felt crazy for. Two years after the break up I dated someone else, to make story short things didn’t work out but for my surprise, three months later one of his friends wrote me a message saying he thought I was pretty. I ignored the message at first, and I was sort of dating someone anyways, but one of the nights I got drunk he wrote again and I answered him. And let me tell you that I couldn’t be happier about my decision. It’s been more than two years since that happened, and not one day did I regret that decission. I have never, ever in my life felt as loved as I feel with him. He showed so much interest since the first day, he genuinely cared so much without even knowing me that it’s amazing. It has been more than two years of waking up to his beautiful and lovely morning messages, two years of having the best friend someone could have, two years of living the love any girl could dream about. I am good with words, but no words can express how much I love my boyfriend, and how thankful I am to God that he is mine. Words are not enough, nor there are perfect words that make justice to what he means for me. He is everything I ever asked for- and I am not exaggerating. He is quite a hottie, very handsome, tall and strong. He has the most beautiful eyes, that type of eyes you could stare at with no need to say a word. He has a very well shaped body, and a nice butt hahaha, I know that’s not appropriate to say but it’s blunt honesty. He is Lithuanian, and I always had a thing for Europeans so that’s a bonus. He is so tough and strong and very masculine, but at the same time he is the sweetest, most loving and warm person I have ever met. He makes me feel so loved, and complete and makes me feel that everything I have gone through is worth it. He makes me feel like I am not alone and I won’t be alone never again. You know that kind of love you see in the movies or read about in books? That mad, passionate, extraordinary love you see in fiction novels? Well the love we have is even better. Yes we fight, and he is not perfect but neither am I, we are just perfectly imperfect. We actually fight quite a lot, but that doesn’t affect or changes what we have. We have gone through so many things, good and bad and we grow stronger together everyday. So many things happened to me personally since we have been in this relationship, like a very annoying anxiety disorder, and due to the medication for that disorder I had constant and severe mood swings for a couple of months, that made me a horrible girlfriend. Any guy would have easily given up and wouldn’t have dealt with that, because believe me it’s not fun or easy to deal with but he never left my side, instead he has been more understanding than my own family. He has supported me in every little thing, in every possible way. And guess what? Sex is amazing, sex is such a beautiful thing with him. He makes me feel like a woman, and fulfilled. I no longer feel empty after sex, now it’s the opposite. Waking up to his face, to his lips, to his touch.. It’s just a dream, a dream that came true.

Do you want to know how I realized he is the one? I just knew it. I felt it, deep in my heart. I felt the butterflies, I saw it right deep in his eyes that this was meant to be forever. And now I literally can’t imagine life without him, I can’t picture a wedding where he is not the broom, I can’t picture my kids if he is not the father, and I can’t picture my life journey if he is not my partner in crime. I feel so proud of what we have, and how much we have grown together. He is my penguin, we found each other and we will stay together forever ❤ that’s what we are working for! I could write one post where I only talk about him, and it would still be just a glimpse of our happiness and love.
Please don’t settle for ordinary love, for some people it takes longer to find their other half. But that person will come, I promise. But don’t settle, this doesn’t mean to go around and have random sex (if that’s what makes you happy then do it), but I’m telling you if you are with someone that makes you feel lonely, that doesn’t make you look up to the future, then don’t settle. Love doesn’t have to be ordinary, it has to be one of those things in life that needs to be extraordinary, unique and fill you.

Myliu tave mano pingvine!

Hasta la vista,

Adri ❤