23 reasons to be thankful today.

So today is October 2nd, 2013. That means my penguin is turning 23 (even though Skype says it’s his 22nd birthday) haha
In honor of his birthday number 23 I will make a list of the 23 things that make him so special and perfect, so here we go:

1. He is hot. He is not just hot but he is like seriously HOT.
2. He is smart. He is probably the smartest person I know, in every sense. He blows me away daily because he can solve things so easily, and when it’s hard for him to solve something then I know that’s a big problem.
3. He is funny. That was quite a surprise for me, because he looks so serious and then when you get to know him you realize he has a great sense of humor.
4. He is adventurous. He will sign up for any adventure and I know that we’ll be going on lots of crazy adventures through life.
5. He is random. I love this about him (most of the time) because he doesn’t go on a routine and he will surprise me when I least expect it, and that’s a great way to never get bored.
6. His eyes. I think he has the most beautiful eyes someone could have- I still can’t tell if they are blue or gray or green haha they are just so unique and cute.
7. He is a gangster. Of course he is not really a gangster but he has the soul of one. And he is just so cute when he starts talking like some rap singer.
8. He is one of a kind. There’s not two like him- from the way he dresses up to the way he acts he is just something else. He is not afraid to be himself and that makes me love and admire him even more.
9. He is an athlete. Well he likes to run and runs pretty fast. For some reason I like that in him, and it keeps him healthy and in a very sexy shape.
10. He loves beer. I love that we can just sit together and have some beers and he won’t get stupidly drunk and embarrass me. We can just chill and enjoy together.
11. He is patient. At least when it comes to waiting for me- he has been waiting for me to move in with him for a long time and he still doesn’t give up.
12. He is a winner. He doesn’t just settle for little, he goes all the way for the best.
13. He admits his mistakes. My baby is man enough to admit when he is wrong, to admit when he did a mistake; and it makes me proud of him because only great people can admit they failed.
14. He is a good listener. I love how amazing he is and how much he loves listening to my stories- I feel good when I talk to him because I know he actually enjoys to listen to me without complaining about my nonsense and all the crazy stories.
15. He is lazy. I love it when he is lazy and just wants to cuddle in bed. I know we will have many Sundays where we will only stay in our pjs all day.
16. He loves movies. He keeps me updated with the latest movies and makes the best recommendations.
17. His hair. Well, he actually has no hair- and that makes him hotter. If you want to picture him just think of Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis he rocks that look just as good if not better.
18. He is a badass. When I am with him he makes me feel so safe, I know he would protect me of anyone if he had to and he would fight whoever he needed to and he would always back me up in any given situation.
19. He is a bookworm- I’ve never seen someone get so into books and enjoy them as much as he does. He makes the best choices; he doesn’t choose just the typical book everyone would- he is more interesting than the rest.
20. He is good at saving yet he is not cheap. This particular characteristic makes me love him so much. I am bad at saving money, but he has make me improve in that sense, lead by example I’ve learned and I’ve been motivated to save money for our future. He would spend money on us, give me special and expensive treats but he won’t waste his money stupidly which is great if you want to ever be financially stable.
21. He is an amazing lover. (No need to explain, he knows it).
22. He is the most loving person. He can seem so tough but yet has the best heart anyone could have. He is so kind hearted that it melts my heart.
23. He loves me like no one could. I am not exaggerating but I could never receive as much love as I receive from him, and I will be thank him forever for that.

If someone wants the recipe for the perfect man they would need to talk to my mother-in-law. I don’t know what or how she did it but I will be forever thankful that she made such a hottie and raise him up to be the man of my dreams.

To my man, on his birthday.
I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have an amazing day today. If I had to I would choose you a million times. There’s nothing I want more than spending the rest of your birthdays together, I can’t wait to grow old with you and even then you would still be my hottie, my handsome, my man! Thank you for making of my world a better place.

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

Love you forever and always my penguin! ❤️



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