Singing in the shower.

I have a hidden passion that not everyone knows about- I love music. I am constantly asking God why didn’t he gifted me with an amazing voice. I know, we all love music and it’s a big part of our lives; but I am truly passionate about it, I LOVE music and I can’t go more than an hour without listening to music. I enjoy taking a shower mostly because I get to perform without people complaining about my voice, haha. Being a singer was my first dream as a kid, I would sing all the time, and when I was a kid my voice didn’t sound that bad (at least no one complained about me having a horrible voice). I remember that during my elementary years I was part of the school’s choir, and then on middle school I was part of my school’s band; I was obviously not the main attraction but I got to sing many times and it was amazing. Now, I am conscious of my not-so-beautiful voice and I don’t torture people by forcing them to hear my song, haha. But music is always a part of my life; just like everyone, I enjoy music, I need music all day, everyday to relax, to improve my mood or just to feel understood. Yes, sometimes the only way I feel understood is through a song. And sometimes the only way I have of communicating is through a song- doesn’t it happen to you? Sometimes you are so overwhelmed, so confused, you have so many things in your mind and yet not one reasonable sentence comes out of your mouth, but then you listen to a song and you connect to it, you feel that it says all you’ve been trying to say, and suddenly that songs fit you perfectly. And what’s amazing about music is that you’ll always find one song that fits you- ALWAYS! No matter what mood you are in, no matter the situation or what you are dealing with you’ll always find a song that will be “just right” for an specific moment.
Music is so powerful, because just like you can find a song that goes perfectly with your mood, just as well you can discover how a song can AFFECT your mood. Call me crazy, but music has the power of changing your mood- good or bad. It happens to me all of the time. I remember so many mornings when I was on my way to work with my friend, we are obviously not morning persons and whenever we had to wake up way too early we would be in such a bad mood but then we would turn on the radio, look for a good song and in matter of seconds we were dancing, yelling out the song and just dramatizing the song. Did we look crazy and ridiculous? Yes, of course, all of the people in other cars would be staring at us, giving us crazy looks. But it didn’t matter, now we had the energy to start of a day- just by singing a song at loud. And you can also be affected in a totally opposite way, if you are feeling great but for some reason you start listening to very soft songs, or the heartbreak songs you will find yourself feeling sad, and suddenly you are not feeling energetic.
And this is not only things I just made up, but it’s actually proven. I remember learning a bit about the topic when I started my psychology degree, and they would give us examples on how music can affect your mood and how restaurants and supermarket and different business take advantage of that; when the place is full they put on happy music, the one that makes you wanna dance- why? Because that music makes you move faster, gives you energy in some way. So when the place is full they need you to be faster, to shop faster and to leave so you can make space for the
people who are coming in. And then when the place is relatively empty they switch to slow pace music, because they want you to take your time and look at everything they offer and you always end up taking something that you didn’t plan.
Another example on music’s power is when you are a baby- it is very common that they recommend pregnant women to put on some Mozart or Beethoven for the baby to listen to it even when it’s just inside the belly. It can help their babies once they are born in so many ways. For example: if the mother puts music to the baby while she is pregnant to use it as relaxation, when the baby is born and the baby starts crying if the mother puts on the same song the baby will start calming himself down, because it will remind him of the days he was inside the belly and will make him feel protected. Also, you can train your baby. If when you are pregnant you put some music before going to sleep every night then once the baby is born he can get into the routine of going to sleep every time he listens to that same music.

Music has so many health benefits and the good thing is that it’s cheaper than medicine AND it doesn’t have side effects. Scientist are still studying why or how exactly does it help, but one thing that everyone knows is how it reduces stress and anxiety- and that is pretty amazing because anxiety and stress tend to cause you so many different and unexpected sickness and if you reduce it then chances are you won’t be getting sick oftenly.

Music also unites people.

This is so true, and maybe you would think that it only unites teens who feel connected to so many other teens they don’t know just because they are all inlove with One Direction or Justin Bieber; but music unites all types of people, regardless their age, gender or race. Maybe you are a 20 year old who likes Maroon 5 or Justin Timberlake, or a 50 year old who loves Elton John or a guy who loves Metallica. But either way, if you go to a concert of your favorite artist or group you will end up connecting to thousands and thousands of strangers that feel similar to you, and you won’t care you don’t know them at all but in that moment they will be your family, your friends who are connected by music.

Music is one of God’s greatest gift and you have music for your great days, special days like your wedding, bad days like when you broke up with your boyfriend- any day, any time. Sometimes you don’t need to understand things and you just need to feel it, feel it in every part of your body and that’s how music works and that’s what music is for.
That’s why artists should stop making crappy music, singing songs that have no meaning and acting stupid just to become more popular. They should sing meaningful music, write lyrics to which people will identify and prove that you want to inspire not just sell records. Sometimes songs are not the problem but it’s the artist who doesn’t have the passion that the song requires. When you hear a song you should not only hear the original version, you should listen to the covers. You can always find tons of suggestions of people who made covers to “x” song on YouTube, and if you give it a try you won’t be disappointed. Sometimes the greatest talent, the real artist are not the ones who are making millions of dollars for a record and have more popularity. Now a days, the real talent is yet undiscovered and it’s mostly because people don’t take a minute and don’t give the chance to listen to those artist who don’t have much fans, to those artist who are recording from a laptop camera in their rooms.
I take time to listen to new talent, and I’ve found a way of discovering so many talented people- through Vine believe it or not there’s more than just funny vines, but you will also find new artist playing their songs or covers.
I have a new favorite artist, his name is Joey. I am trying to contact him for an interview because I’ve been following him and his sister on vine for a while, they both sing and let me tell you their last cover just blew my away. I couldn’t stop listening to the song, I kept on repeating and getting goose bumps, it was just amazing. Hopefully soon I’ll be posting my first interview about the talented siblings.

Remember, find music that will affect you in a positive way. Music that will inspire you, don’t stick to something just because everyone is listening to it. You will find the real power of music once you start opening yourself to things that are new- not only the popular. Of course there’s a lot of very talented artist who ARE already popular, but not because you see them on MTV means that they are good.

Turn on the radio, sit back and enjoy the music, feel it, fall inlove with it..

You can listen to Joey and his sister, Jessi here

Hasta la vista,
Adri ❤️



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